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“Online Journal of BioSciences and Informatics” (JBI)

JBI is an open access, peer-reviewed International journal, publishing high quality research papers in all areas of Biological sciences and Informatics. The "Online JBI" aims at rapid publication of high quality results in biological research while maintaining rigorous peer-review process. It is a quarterly journal published by J-Technologies India Ltd.

We have collaboration with the major bibliographic agencies, subscription agents and internet search engines helps in increasing the visibility and accessibilities of the published papers across the world.



  • World’s First Online Journal integrated with Social Networking.
  • A Cost effective and rapid publication.
  • Articles Indexed in top International Universities/Research Institutes.
  • To improve the citation, each and every article is automatically promoted thru various social networking sites.

Why publish with us?

  • Easy Online submission.
  • Rapid Publication - The status of the submitted manuscript will be notified within 5 working days from the date of submission. The accepted manuscript will be published online within 3 working days*.
  • Vast scope of readership - We provide an open access system for anybody to download and share the manuscript.
  • Integrated with Social Networks: Authors/Users can share the article to their contacts/groups through Social networks leads to improve the citation of the articles.
  • Automated indexing - The Journal is enabled with indexing using major web search engines.
  • Author Benefits - Key article and authors will be highlighted on the home page. Automated similar search helps you to identify relevant articles.
  • International Editorial board – Our Editorial board members consists of Eminent Scientists/Researchers/Professors worldwide.

Index Information:

“Online Journal of BioSciences and Informatics(JBI)” has been indexed in major web search engines, third party Journal Databases, Bibliographic databases and International Universities.

Visit  www.JournalOnline.In for more information.


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Other Features of Journal Online

  • 100% Online peer review, Evaluation, Tracking and Management
    Integrated with Online Editor and Online Plagiarism checker
    Integrated with Online Reference maker for Article preparation
  • Integrated with Messenger with 24/7 online help and chat
    Automatic updates and alerts
    Mobile App support for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows & Java
  • Quarterly print version with select articles/Manuscripts
    Dashboard for Authors and Reviewers
    Ability to monitor every stage of reviewing process
  • Auto-Indexing with web search engines
    Query based search & Generating relevant articles automatically